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Construction Deaths Down, Highrise Accidents Way Up

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The Department of Buildings emailed out results from its "Safety Report Card" this morning. The good news is that over the last 12 months the number of construction fatalities dropped 43 percent from 14 to 8. The bad news is that those high profile accidents at high rises like this one and this one and this one aren't just isolated incidents. The number of high-rise accidents actually almost doubled from 23 to 42. Accidents at low-rise buildings decreased from 66 to 51. DOB credits "proactive safety and enforcement initiatives." They say the Scaffold Safety Team did 1,356 proactive inspections and issued 425 violations and 340 Stop Work Orders. As for the high-rise accident problem, well, they blame "construction material falling off high-rise buildings under construction, which happened more often during concrete operations." So, if there's a concrete truck by the tower under construction, cross the street.
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[Photo courtesy of aboutmattlaw/flickr]