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Coney Island Meeting Draws Crowd, Gets Canceled

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Anybody that thought this Coney Island zoning thing--especially the city's plan to buy up all the land between KeySpan Park and the New York Aquarium--was going to fly under the radar needs to reconsider. There was quite a scene last night at the first public forum about the city's Coney strategy. So many people showed up, in fact, that the meeting was canceled. This, in turn, led to suggestions that the plug was pulled because too many opponents showed. And, this morning, there are signs that opposition to the strategy is starting to crystallize or that, at least, everyone is picking sides. (There's also talk of throwing a wrench in the works in Albany, where the Legislature has to approve the plan to sell parkland next to KeySpan Park for development.) As for the meeting, an estimated 400-500 people showed up at an auditorium that could only hold about 200. Blogger Kinetic Carnival speculates that it's "possible the city cooked up an excuse to cancel a meeting they were not prepared for." They report that representatives of the Coney Island Development Corp. said it "wouldn't be fair" to have a meeting that so many people couldn't attend. They're promising a new forum soon. Reports of mirth at Thor Equities headquarters could not be confirmed.
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