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Green Lights: Moondance Hotel, 2075 Broadway

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The Post's Steve Cuozzo is on the Curbed beat today, updating the world on a couple of pressing hot topics. For one, he confirms that Brack Capital Real Estate is sticking a new boutique hotel on the spot of the old Moondance Diner, just north of Canal Street in the Soho/Hudson Square DMZ. New intel: the tentative hotel name is 27 Grand Street. Catchy! The site can support 55,000 square feet as-of-right. Expect many a game of Red Rover with the nearby Soho Grand.

The second topic of interest is the 19-story rental/retail development at Broadway and 72nd Street, rendered above and first revealed many months ago. The site, known as 2075 Broadway, has been sitting vacant for a while following demolition, so what's up? Well, it wasn't damage to a neighboring building that held construction up, or so they claim, but the "teeing up" of the air rights and other negotiations. Right. Work may begin this week on the Handel Architects building, and full occupancy is expected by 2009. The residential portion will have 196 apartments.
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