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Hilton's Spa-licious Time Share Gets It Up On 57th

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When a crane rises, it means that all the digging and pouring down below is done. And danged if that ain't the truth over at the site of Hilton Grand Vacation's cleverly named West 57th Street. Smart readers will figure out that this one is rising on, yes, West 57th Street. This was recently the site of one of Manhattan's last automats, which is where people ate before Chipotle took over every neighborhood. This soaring crane can only mean that the new modern era of "time shares" has finally arrived.

Framing is pushing this holiday extravaganza out of the ground.

Will time sharing work in a city which prides itself as the place for individuals who yearn to climb to the top of the heap and stand tall and alone up top? Come to think of it, sharing is hardly unknown in NYC, as any subway rider knows. So maybe this sharing thing is an idea whose time has finally come. A certain NYC big shot is giving it a whole different spin downtown. Down there they call it something else, though.

Smart vacationers will lounge facing the building -- rather than the view of Central Park.

Interior design by Alexandra Champalimaud & Associates looks spiffy.

Down below on 57th Street the hustle and bustle of NYC is just a blur.

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