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Is Urban Green's 24-7 Burg Exhaust Pipe Green?

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What attracted us to the big construction site between N. 5 and N. 6 Streets in Williamsburg that will become Urban Green was the noise of equipment running 24-7 on the site. What kept our attention, though was the exhaust pipe that has been spewing fumes for weeks from a little Third World-looking shack on the site. In its defense, Urban Green doesn't seem to claim to be green in the environmental sense so much as it appears to want to be green in the matching "urban sophistication with suburban greenery" sense. Although, there will be an "organic mixed media feature wall" and a "serene bamboo garden." In the meantime, absorb the zen vrooming of the motor at 5AM and breath deep, feeling the chi, as the exhaust cloud wafts serenely skyward.

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