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Map of Shame: Brooklyn Takes the Crown!

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In an effort to shame the city's slumlords into doing something about their decrepit buildings, the Department of Housing has released a list of 200 buildings with the most violations over the past two years. For easy digestion, and for your own personal enjoyment, the Times went ahead and plotted them all on a map. The winning borough? Brooklyn, with a whopping 132 of the Top 200. The Bronx was second, with 52. So what does it take to get on this list? Some color: "At 531 Knickerbocker Avenue in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, the front door of the peach-colored brick building was open yesterday. It had no door knob and an empty square where a small window used to be. The second door behind it was open, too. It had a door knob but no lock. Tenants said they were taking up a collection to have the locks installed, because the management had not responded to their complaints."
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