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Kaufman Set to Cross Canal and Invade Soho

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Now that architect Gene Kaufman has seemingly managed to finally plug the ever-seeping hole at 370 Canal Street, he's set his sights on a big parking lot across the street at 341 Canal on the southern edge of Soho. The vacant lot at the corner of Greene and Canal will soon be home to Kaufman's new take on a classic Soho cast iron building. Given Kaufman's singular vision, that means his version will be less articulated than its neighbors. In fact it all looks pretty flat, as if someone put an old loft building through the wringer.

The parking lot at the NW corner of Canal and Greene in SoHo.

Maybe because the developer plans to market this 7-story, 58-unit building as a rental, the little things like materials and proportions aren't getting the attention due them. But the venerable Landmarks Preservation Commission and notoriously ornery Community Board 2 aren't too concerned and both have given this project the needed OK. One minor sticking point might be the distinct possibility of some nasty fuel seepage from old underground storage tanks. But the NYC DEP is on top of that and has this site documented from here to Tuesday. Besides, with all the professionals on board here what could possibly go wrong?

Testing the soil for seepage last spring.

The seeping fuel tank saga in detail.
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341 Canal Street

341 Canal Street, New York, NY