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25 Bond Gets Rocked by Chiseler Ken Hiratsuka

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The all-rock condo fortress at 25 Bond is getting a custom-cut artwork by sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, who started chiseling away on the newly-installed sidewalk back at the beginning of November. The gang over at Wired New York went ga-ga when some huge slabs of flamed Chinese granite were laid down last month. Then, Hiratsuka went to work, cutting away in his signature style: "a single continuous line carving chiselled by hand, guided by a fluid, oceanic imagery." That simple line is a nice contrast to all the curvy goings on across the street at 40 Bond.

Behold the flamed Chinese granite.

Hiratsuka contemplates the expanse of newly-laid granite.

The sculpture "Nike" was created by Ken for the lobby of 25 Bond.

A 1984 Hiratsuka carving on the NW corner of Prince and Broadway.

The artist at work.
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