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Pei's Centurion a Cascade of Concrete

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The concrete frame of The Centurion, the I.M. Pei designed condo development on West 56th Street just west of Sixth, has nearly topped out. This high-priced baby follows the classic NYC "wedding cake" silhouette, but with a twist. Pei has arranged the balconies and setbacks on this 17-story 48-unit condo so they slope up towards the top. And when the front is faced with tons of creamy white limestone it could look like a cake with layers of melted frosting running down the front. Yummy.

Some folks have complained that the demolition of a set of old townhouses which used to sit on this site was too heavy a price to pay for what is going up here now. A poster at Wired New York who goes by the tag "Fabrizio" is a big fan of the new Pei building, and points out that it is reminiscent of a great old NY building which rises on nearby 54th Street across from MoMA.

He writes:

I say this is going to be a nice chic little building ... this development reminds me of the Rockeller Apartments ... Built in the 1930's, it also replaced beautiful town houses (at a time when they were, of course, much less rare) ... It too is smallish ... no retail here either ... but it is soooo urbane.Urbanity. Hmmm. What a delicious concept.

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