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Hotel Le Jolie Open in Burg: Rendering Looks Nice

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Hotel Le Jolie by the BQE, the sister hotel to Gowanus' Hotel Le Bleu, is now open in the Burg. As an added treat, the rendering posted on hotel's new website makes a nice counterpoint to the actual surroundings on Meeker Avenue, much like Le Bleu's mindbending website rendering impresses compared to the surroundings. (Note there are more than a dozen people in the Le Jolie rendering on normally desolate Meeker Avenue under the BQE.)

Speaking of reality (pay no mind to the abandoned, tagged up gas station next door), a tipster who ventured inside had this to say:

Went in the other day while walking by and they said rates were currently around 150 for their grand opening. Reg rates she said were 250 and up. It was very BASIC, standard hotel you might see in suburban anywhere. They are touting themselves as the prettiest new york boutique hotel, yet the staff sits inside the lobby behind a plane of glass with a hole for your cash or credit card. I forgot to ask if they charged by the hour!Excellent design touch in the lobby!
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