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Birds Depressed as Bureaucracy Sinks LIC's Floating Tree

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Remember the Floating Tree in Long Island City? Anybody that didn't see it going to have live with the video and photo memories because it turns out the tree was ordered out of the water by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. DEC was worried the tree "was blocking sunlight from reaching part of the basin's water." Seriously. The defloatation of the tree via public edict is reported in the Queens Ledger. Chico MacMurtrie, the Red Hook-based artist that created the tree says he had to apply for a permit to "use the Long Island City waterfront as a gallery where he could float a sculpture." The application to float the Floating Tree again is "being considered." The Loch Ness Monster in Marine Park, however, probably had its paperwork in order and hasn't been removed.
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