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Babs on the Next Red Hook: Swingin' Seniors the Key

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We haven't checked in with the BabsBlog?excuse us, Barbara Corcoran Ink?in a while, but given her insightful recent thoughts on the Red Hook situation, we thought we'd see what other hot topics The Corcoran is dissecting. Somewhat appropriately, one of her latest dispatches tackles the issue everyone knows and loves: gentrification. Barbara's post is titled "How to Spot an Up & Coming Area," and here are some of her tips:

5. Look for older ladies on park benches. (This means the area is safe).
6. Check out the price of a cup of coffee (when a cup of coffee goes up from $1 to $1.50, you’ll know that real estate prices are doing the same.

7. Look for new cars (means young people are moving in).Is there anything greater than the Barabara Corcoran Old Lady Corollary? We think not. Corcoran then suggests some areas that qualify as up & coming, but none are in New York so who cares?
· How to Spot an Up & Coming Area [Barbara Corcoran Ink]