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Battery Park City Extension Beaten Like an Ugly Stepson

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Was Rome built in a day? Did Shakespeare write Hamlet while on a coffee break? Does Michael Shvo wake up with his hair looking like that? These things take time, folks, which is why we're not discouraged by Community Board 1's outright rejection of former Battery Park City Authority chairman Charles J. Urstadt's awesome plan to add around 40-50 new acres to the BPC landfill, on the north side. Check out how weirdly ruthless CB1 was, per CityRealty. The board voted that "additional landfilling is a ruinous public policy and should not be considered under any circumstances in Battery Park City, including South Cove, Hudson River Park, or any other location in the city." They even cited global warming's risk to coastal communities as a reason to vote against it. OK, so everyone in the Riverhouse will just be allowed to drown? We still stand by our now two-year-old suggestion to expand Urstadt's idea further, perhaps even finally connecting New Jersey to the city and eliminating all stigma related to moving to Hoboken. That'll eliminate the stigma, right?
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