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More Women Wielding Hammers in NYC Building Boom

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Among the many side effects of New York City's construction boom--for instance, an increase in some construction accidents--is the growth in the number of females in the male-dominated building trades. Today's Times has the news: Since 2005, more women have gone into the building trades than ever. They're training to be electricians, plumbers, steamfitters, ironworkers, bricklayers and (especially) carpenters. Fourteen percent of carpentry apprentices are currently women and, overall, the number of women in construction has increased from 2.2 percent to 3 percent. The hell with statistics, though, the Times writes that the construction shack it visited had "vitamins, moisturizing creams and energy drinks." So, are workers now making catcalls in-house at the site or are they reluctant to make them to females holding rivet guns, saws and other power tools?
· New York's Construction Boom Puts More Women in Hard Hats [NYT]