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Open Houses Are Safe Once Again

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Our long national nightmare is over. The Open House Bandits were arrested on Saturday, following a break in the case from a witness who jotted down the suspects' license-plate number. The two women?yes, they both turned out to be women?were on the lam after they were spotted on a surveillance tape in a building they had plundered. We're very much looking forward to Elliman broker/True Gotham blogger Douglas Heddings taking the stand to expound on that whole peeing-in-mid-heist thing. The pair had robbed one Upper West Side and three Upper East Side apartments over the past few months, making off with jewelry, fur and a Coach bag. So, duh, of course they were both women! The Lifetime movie should be killer.
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UPDATE: Doug expounds?oh, how he expounds?in the comments. Read it, um, after you eat.