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CurbedWire: Yards Opinions No Longer Wanted, Looking for Lost Buildings

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MIDTOWN EAST?At right are the Hudson Yards comment cards and official Hudson Yards shoebox, seen in happier times at the HY storefront on 43rd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue. Reports a Curbed tipster: "One of my coworkers was up at the MTA exhibition this morning and there were no comment cards left to drop in the comment shoe box. When she asked a security guard about it, he said they had been out since Saturday and he wasn't sure when they would be getting more. So if people go up there before December 3, they should probably bring their own golf pencil and index card." Yeesh, MTA, can you at least pretend to give a shit about the whole "public input" thing? [CurbedWire Inbox]

LAND OF DESTRUCTION?And from a friend of the house, a request: "I've been asked by a magazine to aid in collecting names and photos of buildings that the city has lost in the past year (a frankly depressing and distressing task). As the mind has no memory for pain, I am asking friends and colleagues for help on this - since I know that I will forget something. The rules are...

1. The Building needed to have been in the 5 boroughs and now is GONE - not just threatened or ensured of destruction.
2. This needs to have happened in 2007.

Any and all information about the buildings would be greatly appreciated; dates (of construction & demolition), architect, significance, history, former use, who tore it down, etc. Address is (obviously) needed. Also, photos of the building - historic or otherwise - is greatly encouraged.

All info and photos will be given appropriate credit (unless you wish to remain anonymous). If you'd like to share your memories of the dead, send them to us at and we'll pass it along. [CurbedWire Inbox]