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One Madison Park Goes from Pricey to Really Pricey

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The bones of One Madison Park are barely rising from the ground (and the butlers have yet to be hired), but are the units being flipped already? Writes a tipster:

Now that everything is sold (other than the last penthouse), the resales are starting. This time, it's a small 2 BR on one of the lowest floors (unit 11A). First time around (way back last summer) it went for $2.3M. This time, it's on the market for $3.2M. This is true, but note that the listing broker is Wendy Maitland, who is marketing One Madison Park. So, maybe the unit didn't close and it's back on the market at a significant price increase?which wouldn't be surprising given the speed at which this building sold?or maybe it's indeed a quick little flip. Either way, buying it will probably get you closer to nabbing a Friday night table for four at the Charlie Trotter restaurant going in the lobby.
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One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010