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Great Jones! What Schrager Hath Wrought in Noho

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Take a moment. Let it sink in. The curves. The color. What. The. Fuck. Here's what we know: sent to us by a tipster and now showing on this architecture website, the 10-story condo building seen above is the work of furniture designer Vladimir Kagan, just enlisted to design the lobby of The Mark. This little number, described as "a flower among the weeds" and inspired by "the moderne architecture of Brazil and the imaginative flair of Gaudi," was commissioned by developer Ozymandius Realty as another contestant in the architectural game of oneupmanship currently raging in Noho around and on Bond Street. The address listed is 2 Great Jones Street, but note the proximity to the orange-clad Great Jones Cafe. This is actually 56 Great Jones Street, aka 348 Bowery, the site of an old auto repair shop. The developer hopes this will be the first in a series (a series!) of "buildings as art" by Kagan. Well, it's certainly one-of-a-kind!
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