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Today in Yardsmania: Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

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The Times' chief architecture critic slammed them, New York found it a "comforting thought" that the end result will look nothing like them, and now, the Hudson Yards proposals are the victims of even more libelous attacks. Today's shot-taker is the Sun's James Gardner, who writes that the "dispiriting" Hudson Yards are destined to fail as a 24-hour community, due to its crap location and mixed-use hodgepodge. Yep, another Hudson hater, and it has the Post's Steve Cuozzo fired up. Very fired up.

Cuozzo dropped by the Hudson Yards display (open to the public for six more days!) and liked what he saw, and now he absolutely unloads on the members of the press raining on the parade:

The cheery mood in the room is at odds with negativism among the blathering classes. The Times' architectural sage has declared that all the proposals stink, and a baffling column in New York magazine found it a "comforting thought" that none of them, in the writer's view, will ever get built. Some deep thinkers evidently prefer to see the site remain forever in its current state - a wasteland of sunken railyards.

In the real world, the five proposals now on the table are as rational as they are necessary in a Manhattan where suitable open space for large-scale development is scarce.

Nicolai Ouroussoff, thou has been served! But maybe Cuozzo is so gung-ho because if Related wins this little sweepstakes, he'll have a shiny new office and a gratis luxury box at the MySpace Concertorium.
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