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90 West Street Unintentionally Adds Basement Lap Pool

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[Photo via dietrich/Curbed Photo Pool]

Those with appointments at the W Hotel & Residences sales office today should probably check in with Team Shvo, because 90 West Street?the building that houses the storefront office?was evacuated yesterday after a broken sewer flooded the underground parking garage. The upscale rental building, a restored Cass Gilbert landmark just a stone's throw from the World Trade Center site, took on about 15 feet of water, and power had to be cut off to the building. Tenants were shipped off to area hotels, and Curbed Photo Pool contributor dietrich caught the chaos (THE CHAOS!!!) outside the building. No word on how many $700,000 studios Shvo was able to sell to emergency workers.
· Manhattan Building Evacuated After Flood Forces Power Cut [NYT]
· Flood at 90 West Street [Flickr/dietrich]