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Open House Bandits: Yoga Lessons, Drinks at Elaine's

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Now that the Open House Bandits have been nabbed, the two female suspects face a fate worse than the electric chair: extradition to New Jersey, where they are wanted for pulling similar heists in Upper Saddle River a few weeks ago. The Post, which reports that the pair have confessed, takes the opportunity to delve into the OHBs backgrounds. Both are well-to-do Upper East Siders?the getaway car was a Jaguar?who frequented the Some Like It Hot Yoga studio on East 63rd Street, and one was a regular at Elaine's, that old celeb-friendly Second Avenue staple. They've both had minor legal trouble in the past, but nothing that would tip anyone off to their eventual status as luxury-goods-snatching supercriminals. If anything, this is a cautionary tale about what happens when single Upper East Side gals can't sucker any Wall Streeters into buying them Louis Vuitton bags and Tiffany's jewelry. They have to get it somehow.
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