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CurbedWire: Yardsmania Moves South, Starrett City on the Block Again, Atlantic Yards Security Study?

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WEST SIDE?Is construction about to start on a site to the south of the Hudson Yards property. An emailer writes: "I went to see the Hudson Yards proposals yesterday and heard that Georgetown Associates had been by the day before boasting about a residential project that they were about to start just South of the Western Railyards (south of 30th Street). Wasn't that block set aside for two DSNY Sanitation garages with a green rooftop block-long park? All the zoning and condemnation approvals went through ULURP 2002-2004 and the project was certified by the City Council in 2005. Did Dan Doctoroff change his mind?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

STARRETT CITY?Here we go again. In case anyone has forgotten about Starrett City, it's going up for sale again and a whole lot of people, including City Comptroller William Thompson, Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz are asking for new bids to go to a special committee made up of the Starrett City Tenants Association, ACORN and others for their stamp of approval. They're also asking the owners only to accept bids "that the tenant panel finds will preserve affordability for Starrett’s 11,000-plus tenants." [CurbedWire Inbox]

PROSPECT HEIGHTS?The issue of whether the planned Atlantic Yards Arena is vulnerable to terrorism continues. There's a press conference tomorrow on the steps of City Hall with a half-dozen prominent Brooklyn officials, including several supporters of the project. They're asking for an "independent security study" of the planned arena. The developer admitted this week that parts of the glass-walled arena and other buildings will be 20 feet from Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. [CurebedWire Inbox]

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