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Willie B. Clock Gets Turned On Tonight

That light in the sky tonight above Brooklyn? That would be the clock on the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building, aka One Hanson. It lost its scaffolding in October and now it'll be lit and turned on for the first time since August 2006 and, apparently, the clock hands have been spinning around all day in anticipation. (Though they'll be back in the midnight position when the clock is lit.) The press release screams:

TONIGHT – A TEST RUN AND ONE NIGHT ONLY -- BROOKLYN’S TALLEST BUILDING – ONE HANSON PLACE -- LIGHTS ITS FAMOUS CLOCK!!!Just as quickly as we get excited, however, comes the punchline, in lower case: "No date has yet been announced for when the clock will be officially keeping time and lit." Willie, why are you playing with us like this?
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