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Burg's Aqua Makes Nice, Delivers 42 Inches of Plasma

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Remember when buyers at the Aqua in Williamsburg were so miffed about delays in moving in that they started a blog? All is forgiven. Emails have gone out telling buyers they can move into their apartments in 3-5 weeks, assuming the paperwork is in place. The full email is posted on the Aqua Condo Blog, but the best part is this: "As a token of appreciation for your continued patience as the final touches are added to the building, the sponsor would like to present each buyer with a 42" plasma television. The television will be delivered to you shortly after you have closed on your new home." The email that pointed all this out concludes: "Very nice of them." Wonder what they'll offer people at 75 Smith? A TV and a Luxe + Pop Channel?
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