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On the Market: Olsens Try Again at One Morton Square

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Those lovable Olsen twins never lived inside their massive 1 Morton Square penthouse in the Far West Village, but the 5,700-square-foot apartment has seen more action than an entire season of Full House. Mary Kate and Ashley tried to flip the Hudson-facing home?made up of several combined units?not long after its completion, but they pulled it off the market and have been renting it out since. Now, the Observer's Max Abelson reports that the Olsens are trying to sell it again, upping the asking price to $11.995 million, or $4,695,000 more than they paid three years ago. Easily enough, the old Stribling link to the 2005 listing now leads to the new one (Corcoran's Jared Seligman also has the listing). Noticeable changes: the "Crown Jewel Penthouse at 1 Morton Square" is now the "Trophy Penthouse," and there's a new-look floorplan!

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1 Morton Square

1 Morton Square, New York, NY 10014