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Artist OK With Williamsburg Condos Pimping His Work

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Last year, some work by British graffiti/art prankster Banksy popped up in Williamsburg, before being removed by building owners who probably didn't realize they could now sell their walls to Angelina Jolie for millions of dollars. Now, Gawker points out that Banksy has a Chelsea gallery show opening up, and the accompanying press release aims to hype the occasion by pointing out the purpose that the long-forgotten artwork now serves. It reads: "Banksy images are even being used to sell 900k condos in Williamsburg." Indeed! Those condos are in the re-envisioned flea market known as Urban Green, but Team Banksy shouldn't sell themselves short: the images are being used to sell $1.575 million condos! Oh, it's enough to make the Splasher pick up his bucket again.
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