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Imperialist Manhattan Motorists Seize Bicyclists' Land

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The paint on the new Bleecker Street bike lane is barely dry, and yet, Streetsblog is already reporting that drivers are using the freshly-marked two-wheel territory as a helpful courtesy lane. The above photo was snapped between LaGuardia Place and Mercer Street over in NYUville, and the Streetsblog tipster wrote:

I can't say that the striping was universally respected. You can see from the background of the photo that there's a car in the lane. Also, between Mercer and Broadway, there were two vehicles double parked in it. I guess we'll see how well area drivers can adapt.Pity the second-class citizens of Manhattan transit, so ignorant to the fact that drivers don't give a shit about them or their little bike lane.
· New Bleecker Bike Lane Already Blocked by Parked Cars [Streetsblog]