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About That Massive Javits Center Expansion...

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The forever-delayed Javits Center remodeling and expansion may get scrapped altogether in favor of a cheaper "repair-the-roof" plan. That's the bombshell dropped in today's Observer by Matthew Schuerman, who reports that this new repairs plan?which would still cost around $700 or $800 million?was presented to trade-show organizers two weeks ago. To put it delicately, this would be an immense letdown to the hotel operators, show organizers and labor schlubs who were all banking on a huge Javits redo. Even the nearby Hudson Yards would probably shed a tear or two. The problem, as previously reported, is the ballooning construction costs of the full Javits 2.0 vision. Originally calculated at $1.8 billion, it would now cost somewhere around $275 kajillion (unofficial Curbed estimate) to get it done. Remember, the Javits Center expansion was supposed to part of Governor Pataki's legacy. Mamma mia!
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