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Tosca Does the Toll Brothers: Pagliacci in the Towers Next?

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Normally, we don't cover events, but we'll bend the rule when it involves Puccini, the Toll Brothers and Williamsburg's Northside Piers in the same sentence. The Daily News notes that the Opera Company of Brooklyn will be performing Puccini's Tosca tonight in the parking garage at Northside Piers (the one that is ringed by the affordable housing component of the project where the apartments are being distributed by lottery.) Sadly, there weren't many tickets and they were "snapped up by 100 opera fans within 15 minutes." (No perks for opera loving Northside Piers buyers?) The producer is also talking about "creating progressively elaborate performances in honor of each condo tower completed by Northside Piers." Seriously. In the meantime, the garage acoustics are getting tweaked with "a large carpet and drapes" and there will be floodlights and heaters. Could be the nugget of an idea there for "luxury parking," you know--carpet, drapes, heat, opera on the sound system.
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