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CurbedWire: New School's Piggy Bank, Housing Rights Erased, Co-Op Shenanigans

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CENTRAL VILLAGE?The New School has been planning a new building on Fifth Avenue forever, and the SOM rendering at right has been floating around as the design. Now, a tipster has some scoop: "Regarding the new building on 5th ave between 13th and 14th streets (65 5th Ave): (Almost) all of the money has been raised for this 16-story (not 100% sure on that number...and also not 100% set in stone, depending on the rest of the money raised) building. It's rumored at $500 million. (Yikes!) The money is supposedly coming from Bob Kerrey's fund-raising, city funds, federal funds, and the plans to sell multiple properties after construction is complete, including the uptown buildings occupied by Mannes (the classical music school), The New School for Drama (on Bank Street), and the 40th street Parsons building."

CITY HALL?" housing website says you have NO Tenant Rights!!! Blank page!!! even in printer friendly format." Hey, at least they're being honest. [CurbedWire Inbox]

REJECTIONVILLE?And now, a note on the eternal struggle for co-op board transparency: "The Anti-Discrimination Center has been working to pass a law, 'Intro 119,' that would require co-ops to provide their reasons for rejection when they turn down an applicant. Over 40 civil rights and allied organizations and a majority of the City Council already support the bill, yet those who want to maintain a system of privilege and exclusion are fighting desperately against it. They have thus far succeeded in having City Council Speaker Chris Quinn keep the bill bottled up without a hearing. In order to underline the importance of this issue, we need to hear from people who have been turned down by co-ops. Please email us at"