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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Hell's Kitchen Pond Going Bye-Bye, 20 Stories in the BelDel?

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And now, some responses to the reader queries posed on Tuesday...

1) Hell's Kitchen: The freshwater springs owned by Related on 42nd Street near the Lincoln Tunnel appears to be headed toward its condo-hotel destiny. Writes a tipster: "I live right across the street from the huge empty lot at 42/10th Ave. This morning I heard a jackhammer and looked out to see that they are starting to put up scaffolding on the sidewalk. And yes, I've heard it's going to be yet another 60 story building. Frankly, I prefer the ponds. I hate that such a huge building is going to start going up right next door." Better start loving it.

2) Spanish Harlem: No intel on the site in question at 101st and Lex. Sad.

3) Lower East Side: Check out this shocking piece of information regarding Grand Street between Ludlow and Orchard: "Before Friedman's (one of the businesses that moved out of there) closed I was there buying some t-shirts. The old lady who ran the place, and whose family had the business there for many years, told me that they're building a 15 or 20 story apartment building. Don't you just love the LES! Just when you think it can't get any worse." That tall in that location? Wow.
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