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Bed-Stuy Choice: Gun-Toting 'Crazies' or Mynt Residents

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First, we came across a post on Bed-Stuy Banana poking fun at the Mynt condo. It pretty much said the blogger prefers a "delapidated house complete with front door falling off its hinges, welfare moms and gun toting ex-military crazies" to the "yuppie spaceship" called The Mynt, which is a Robert Scarano-designed building that went rental, if not steamy. That post led us to one on Antbed, another local blog, about gentrification:

I think of it less as a forest fire and more of a purification process (like silver, not ethnic cleansing). Yes, things will get more commercial, but much of the good Bed-Stuy-ness that exists will remain because people are so committed to preserving it. The things people don’t care about as much will be slowly starved and then forced out or eliminated...There's more to it, of course, so do read.
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