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Roebling Oil Redux: Warehouse 11 Hits the Market

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Oh, happy day. One of our Williamsburg real estate obsessions--the Roebling Oil 11--is hitting the market. A preliminary website is up billing it as "modern industrial design redefined," although one can't get inside the site yet. The building is being called W-11 for short. For those that aren't familiar with why W-11--which is unfortunately evocative of WD-40--is such an object of interest, perhaps this look at the site's recent past will be helpful. Of course, it's all cleaned up now, so the heck with the oil.

Eight apartments are currently listed and the point is the building's "Whimsically Artistic, Outside-the-Lines Approach. Crisscrossing Chic Industrial and Sumptuous Modern in Williamsburg’s oh-so-sweet Bedford Avenue/McCarren Park location." And, of course, the amenities. There's a "modern gallery lounge, exercised to perfection in your state-of-the-art fitness center, spiritually awakened in your yoga garden, refreshingly wowed in the open-air rooftop sun deck.. Here's the best: "for little ones—they’ll be imaginatively inspired in the children’s playroom." Still no word on whether residents will get a private fuel tap, but with prices near $100 a barrel, it would be a serious amenity.

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