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Machinery Exchange Exposed in Little Chitaly

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While Bjork and the Cremaster creator were being denied entry into the upper echelons of the Machinery Exchange, the all bricks n' beams Little Chitaly conversion, the artsy gang from Max Protech dropped the black veil that has been covering this classic old pile. And what a handsome old pile it is. Raw brick outside with just the faintest hint of faded paint and signage. A big bold cornice hanging out over the sidewalk. Huge panes of reflective glass. For the sake of the new Machinistas, one can only hope that the hullabaloo across the street has finally come to an end.

The Hester Street side of the Machinery Exchange.

Another view of the handsome building.

How this one looked before the scaffolding came down.

Nothing's perfect: flat-topped windows in arched window openings.

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