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CurbedWire: Hoisting Trees at 101 Warren, Two Trees Redesign in Dumbo, Yardsmania Roadshow Coming

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TRIBECA?Ah, the "urban jungle." A special Curbed correspondent checks in on 101 Warren Street and finds a crane outside ready to hoist trees to the roof. He reports that there are "no trees to be seen, but clearly the crane is for hoisting them onto the third floor, where that orange mesh is. "101 mature white pine trees" are destined to go on that 35,000-square-foot roof. They will be "rooted in about six feet of topsoil that was delivered in November, along with riverbed stone and about 300 shrubs." The upcoming Tribeca Whole Foods is part of the $450 million complex. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DUMBO?A reader writes with tantalizing rumor about David Walentas' controversial plans for a new building on Dock Street: "I live at 70 Wash. Heard a rumor this morning that Walentas has released a revised design for the Dock Street building (the one with the middle school). Can't find anything online. Any ides or pics?" Our 24-hour tip line will be accepting intel and/or photos on that one, friends. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST SIDE?Everyone's seen the Hudson Yards proposal renderings, now they can see the live presentations from the development teams. An email informs that "On Monday evening, December 3, representatives of the design teams for the proposals will present their schemes in a public program co-sponsored by a group of architecture and civic organizations. This is the first public program at which these proposals will be presented." The show will be from 6-8:30 at the Great Hall at Cooper Union. [CurbedWire Inbox]

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