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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Imperialist Manhattan Motorists Seize Bicyclists' Land (82 Comments)
"i think that by giving cyclists bike lanes, over time they will start to not ride on the sidewalks because they have been given a place to (hypothetically) safely ride. this has never happened before to such an extent in the city."
2) Great Jones! What Schrager Hath Wrought in Noho (75 Comments)
"We don't need "buildings as art" because we have "art as art" which, when it doesn't succeed (as it doesn't 90% of the time) can collect dust in storage without degrading peoples lives every day."
3) WSJ: Manhattan Market's Light 'May Be Dimming' (74 Comments)
"The beauty of it is... the WSJ article has a big headline with respect to doom and gloom, but in the aggregate, the facts quoted in the article really speak to a decline in the pace of growth, not a decline in the market."
4) New York is Edgy Again, Albeit in Canada (56 Comments)
"Ah the 1970's when the city was on the brink of complete economic and social failure. Now instead of homeless people and drug fiends in Bryant Park there is an ice skating rink and christmas tree. The horror! I long for the days of stepping over homeless people on the platforms in penn station."