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Constructoporn: The Long Island City Collection

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There are so many buildings going up right now in Long Island City (not even counting Queens West) that it's almost hard to keep them straight. In any case, a number of them are reaching their full height, if not their fully built stage. Above, is Hunters View. It sits at the foot of the Pulaski Bridge over Newtown Creek that connects Queens to Brooklyn and offers view of, among other things, the Creek, the bridge and, yes, the Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Plant.

One's Hunters Point, whose slogan is "Commute like a rocket. Live like a star." Okay.

This is the framework of the Ten 63 Condos, which are rising on the site of the demolished Hackett Building.

Here's 10-50 Jackson, which is between Ten 63 and One Hunter's Point on Jackson Avenue.
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