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Building Collapse Betting Pool: 287 Broadway Evacuated

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Been a while since we had a fresh reader report regarding a building that's imminently perilous to life. Does that mean construction practices have improved? Um, no. From the City Hall area comes this dispatch:

I just noticed that the building on the southwest corner of Reade and Broadway, which contains a pizza shop and shoe store (both on Reade) and I don't remember what on the Broadway side, has been shut down by DOB due to unstable building conditions from the construction site next door. The construction site has seemed slightly sketchy for awhile (admittedly to my untrained eye), involving the digging out of oh...all of it, probably at least 15 feet below grade, in a rather haphazard fashion. We swung by to take a look, and the vacated building is the landmarked 287 Broadway. The DOB complaint reads, "Building leaning and bulging and structural defects." Three strikes and everyone's out!

· 287 Broadway complaints [DOB]

287 Broadway

287 Broadway, New York, NY