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Duffield St. 'Underground Railroad' Bldg. Saved

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It looks like at least one of the Underground Railroad Homes on Duffield Street in downtown Brooklyn has been saved from the wrecking ball. A press release just went out announcing that the the city "has pledged that it will not use eminent domain to condemn" a building at 227 Duffield Street that it was planning to seize via eminent domain. Supporters say the building was a stop on the Underground Railroad." The city had been planning some sort of commemoration of the Underground Railroad on the site, which is part of a park called Willoughby Square and atop a big underground garage, but the announcement from the owner Joy Chatel says that the city "has agreed to re-draw its plans for Downtown Brooklyn so that the condemnation of 227 Duffield Street will not be necessary." There will be a press conference on Monday.
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