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Atlantic Yards Gets Interesting Again With Security Worries

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Just when the whole Atlantic Yards thing verged on a boring wait for the outcome of legal suits, mixed with the occasional shot of demolition porn, it's gotten interesting again with an argument about whether Frank Gehry's signature arena will be vulnerable to terrorists and whether making it safe will create a traffic nightmare at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. Yesterday a bunch of people--including some prominent arena supporters--took to the steps of City Hall to call for an "independent security analysis" of the risks and potential problems. Council Member David Yassky, an arena supporter, said that closing lanes of traffic on game days would create "unyielding opposition" and that pulling on "the security thread" might "unravel a whole ball of yarn." The developer says he's looked at the "ability of the structures to resist progressive collapse or to otherwise fail in a manner that could compromise life or interrupt facility operations." Now, about those lane closures on game days...
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[Photo via Jonathan Barkey/pBase]