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The Karl Fischer Row Report

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There is much to report on Karl Fischer Row, aka Bayard Street, in Williamsburg:

1). The stairs in front of 20 Bayard have been revealed today. The tipster who sent the photo of the last scaffolding on the street coming down also sends a report:

Today was the unofficial unveiling of the 20 Bayard Hipster Stoop! Notice it's spiral stairs and double pillars reminiscent of a $ sign. The multi-level design will allow the maximum occupancy of homeless people and drifters tired of sleeping in the McCarren Park's handball courts. Be entertained by our workers disregard for peoples' cars nor any warning at all that the scaffolding's removal may cause damage to anything around it. Brooklyn, I present to you 20 Bayard. Opening sometime in the not so distant future... "we speak your name"!

2). Speaking of damage, the old Beauty Addiction property was hit with a Stop Work Order on Friday for "failure to protect adjoining structures during excavation." That would be the exterior wall of 20 Bayard in the photo here. To see the hanging brick in all its unprotected glory, simply click on the thumbnail. It's quite the site in a look-out-below sort of way.

3). The thing atop the Ikon, whose construction we have followed closely, is moving closer to being finished and has acquired several things on top of it, giving it an even nicer profile from a distance. The good news is that they're hard to see when one is actually on Bayard Street. The bad news is that they can be seen from blocks away.
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20 Bayard

20 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY