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Rumor: Ban Teaming With Balazs, With a Jigga on the Side

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It's no secret that starchitect Shigeru Ban is currently planning his second New York City building, following the glowing media reception of his Metal Shutter Houses in West Chelsea. So where will this top secret sequel be? We've been monitoring the chatter, and while reports are conflicting, all signs seem to point to a collaboration with hotelier Andre Balazs. Ban said he loves Chelsea, so it would make sense that he's not straying far. One rumor is that Shigerusan will design a second West Side Balazs hotel?to go with AB's Standard?on a skinny plot of land on Ninth Avenue near 14th Street. Another whisper we're hearing is that Ban will draw up the details for Balazs' private club on 14th Street, a top secret project the Real Deal reported on in January. Who knows, these could turn out to be the same thing (our Magic 8-Ball keeps coming up "reply hazy"), but we're especially excited by a related side rumor: that Jay-Z has partnered with Andre Balazs on this future venture. It's not as crazy as it sounds: Mr. Carter did tour Libation on the Lower East Side while briefly considering opening a members-only club. Maybe he decided to just stack his chips with Balazs', which would undoubtedly be a safe bet.
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