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A Williamsburg Finger Turns Out Dark, Yet Luminous

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The dark shaft looming over Richardson Street in an obscure corner of Brooklyn where Williamsburg and Greenpoint meet has come on the market as "Luminous." (It's not "The Luminous," just Luminous.) It's actually hard to find words to describe the website and rendering of the building itself, which brings to mind Grand Theft Auto, right down to the Lexus in the garage which serves as the building's face at street level. (It's one of the only renderings we've seen that makes a building look worse than it really is.) Luminous will have a grand opening later this month. In the meantime, one can contemplate the elevator, which opens directly into each apartment. Also, the views should make for particularly dramatic vistas of the monster Liquid Natural Gas tanks a few blocks away, especially on nights when they flare off gas. We await Brilliant, Incandescent and, of course, The Shining.

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