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Sunnyside Gentrification Still Hitting Bumps

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Way back when, a huge line of prospective buyers at the Queens Plaza development on 27th Street garnered some, um, strong reaction. Today, a Curbed reader submits the above photo and a new message for Queens Plaza peeps:

I noticed a recent post on theft of car wheels in Boerum Hill. Just wanted to let you know that the same shit is going down in Sunnyside, Queens -- which is apparently an unfriendly neighborhood for owners of late-model Japanese hatchbacks. An unfortunate brand-spanking-new Honda Fit (see attached photo) is minus four wheels this afternoon, thanks to wheel thieves who struck last night while the streetlight overhead was out. The same thing happened to a friend's Toyota Matrix -- parked on the same block -- last winter (though those thieves made off with only 1 of 4 wheels). Prospective owners of the new luxury condos atop one of Queens Plaza's strip joints might want to consider investing in wheel locks.

Bigger car-related threat to gentrificiation: wheel theft or toasting?
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