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Solow's Eastern Promises: Affordable Housing! Schools!

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Developer Sheldon Solow's vision for seven new gigantic mixed-use towers along the East River waterfront near the United Nations is gaining steam. The latest, reported by Charles Bagli in the Times today, is an agreement between Solow and officials to set aside 20% of the planned apartments for affordable housing. With over 4,000 apartments planned, thats a fairly sizable chunk, especially when those low-income units will be in buildings designed by starchitects like Richard Meier and the gang at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Solow is also working with the city to figure out how to stick a new school on the property, adding to the feelings of goodwill now suddenly directed straight him. Say what you will about the litigious Sheldon Solow and his First Avenue crazytown, but he is playing this thing like Mozart tickling the ivory. What's next, promising that the skyscrapers will suck up all the pollution from the East River and turn it into five-course meals for the homeless?
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