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Finally, a Hudson Yards Lawsuit

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The Hudson Yards rezoning and redevelopment, given the ginormous scale of the West Side project, has been running pretty smoothly. The bids are in, the MTA is reviewing them, and there's been nary a whiff of public protest?until now! The Daily News reports that local residents (um, people live around that wasteland?) are suing to block the rezoning of the area, because the planned 20,000 extra parking spaces would create an environmental and traffic nightmare in a time when the mayor is trying to reduce congestion and save the planet. Bloomberg has said he hopes workers and residents will rely on mass transit to get to the Yards, which is understandable given the 7-train extension and a potential people mover. Oh, and also, we're pretty sure he would have the entirity of the Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association tossed in the Tombs before they could even come close to blocking this legacy maker.
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