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$3 Million Fails to Get Women to Battery Park City

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If the story about subsidized apartments at Tribeca Green in Battery Park City renting for $335 a night as hotel rooms was not enough to get the juices flowing on this Monday morning, then perhaps the saga of BPC's defunct Museum of Women will offer a jump start. What Museum of Women? Exactly. We again turn to the Daily News because it takes a trip down memory lane recalling the $3 million the state invested in the museum and the single artifact purchased for its collection: "a wagon used in suffragette rallies that wound up in an upstate hay barn." The $146 milliion museum would have been 10-stories with 125,000 square feet of space to showcase exhibits on the 500-year history of women in America. The city is now going to use the site for a school.
· George Pataki wasted $3M in tax dollars for pet project [NYDN]