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It Happened One Weekend: Invasion of the Condo Snatchers

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1) The Times and chart man Jonathan Miller finally put some numbers behind what we've all been suspecting for a while now: Over the past 18 months, one-third of new construction condo sales in Manhattan were to foreign buyers. Now we know who's buying all those $700,000 studios: Irish carpenters! No, really. ['Foreign Buyers Take Manhattan'/Christine Haughney]

2) In the latest example of church-to-apartments Heal Estate, Harlem's Church of the Resurrection on East 101st Street will give up its building to a developer who will build an eight-story red brick apartment tower on the site (right). Once completed, there'll be 34 market-rate rentals above and a new church space below. [Posting/C.J. Hughes]

3) Assessing the mood on 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue before the potential Hotel Pennsylvania teardown and Penn Station swap: Our neighborhood kind of sucks, but we like it that way. [The City/Jake Mooney]

4) In an intriguing Hunt column, a Salvation Army disaster dude is moving his family to a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, but he wants to stick to high altitudes (in case of hurricane flooding) and low floors (in case of fire). Note to self: Don't invite this guy to any parties. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

5) 40 Bond slideshow! [NYT Magazine]

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