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CurbedWire: Fifth Ave. Follies, Crescent Club's Balls, About My FSBO

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MIDTOWN?Pictures and reports from the construction site at Fifth Avenue and 36th Street, which has confounded many, keep trickling in. Said one tipster: "The fence is finally down and work is finally progressing. I heard it was supposed to be a hotel." Said another: "The most unsecured construction site in Manhattan." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?Apartments shmapartments, the Crescent Club is all about the putting green, and they know it. Says a tipster: "Passed by the Crescent Club sales office on Queens Plaza North in Long Island City today and picked up a free Crescent logo golf ball. I also took some shots of the kitchen and bathroom; they look pretty cool very club like." Those photos are after the jump. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CENTRAL PARK SOUTHISH?The owner of last week's PriceSpotter writes in to add some color: "You can see more on our own website. For 1 month I had it with a billion dollar broker...He was selling new construction @ huge prices. We came with a fab marketing plan. WE did not get him or his partner. We got the junior Go To Girl. All they did was put in online on and announce Sunday open house only there. No advertising no effort on their part. In 1 month we had 2 people and 2 bids. I took over the marketing myself...immediately put it online @ the times and built my own website. Its an open listing and we are offering a 4% co broke. Also advertising internationally. We have been doing it for 1 week. Had a big broker open house with 40 brokers coming last week. This week they are already bringing customers. There are 8 advertisements online and you picked it up. In NYC Brokers do not share. They want you to sell low and buy high...our billion $ broker was fat and lazy..he was racking in the big bucks from sitting in expensive new construction. Now we have the entire city wanting to sell the property." Well alrighty then. [CurbedWire Inbox]