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Sign of the Times: Get Me Out of My Mortgage Mess

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Close comment watchers may have noted the sudden appearance of a URL on various threads. We're suckers, so we bit, and what turned up was Save Louis, which on the surface is the website of a dude who has slipped into some mortgage trouble in Queens. He's asking for donations to help bail him out, and here's an excerpt:

I bought the house when the prices were at their peak and now the house is worth less than what I owe so selling this house doesn't seem like an option. I've wasted most of my savings to make sure I'm never late with my payments. But soon I won't be able to continue and eventually lose my house and be completely broke. Im only 24 years old and when I bought this house when I was making a lot more money as a military contractor in Iraq (I only worked 10 months out of the year so I had to time to do this transaction) but I took a big pay cut when I moved back to the states for safety reasons.He's looking to raise about $227,000, but so far the initial push is not going so well (he's at $0). Something about this feels a little suspicious?the lone blurry house shot, the various hot-button political issues (housing crisis, workers returning from Iraq)?but if it pans out, expect young Louis to be making the morning show rounds by the end of the week.
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